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Pink Clouds

Art Studies 

I began creating studies early this year as a way to usher myself back into my studio. Sometimes it was for only twenty minutes, and sometimes it was for longer.  These studies are very special form of my work - they are a free flowing and intuitive expression of my inner world. 

I have a process and ritual I go through with each one. I sit with the feeling or experience I'd like to explore. I pull out my journal and write in free association of what that feeling/experience feels like in my body and heart. I envision a color palette that fits.

Then, I begin.  

This practice has helped with my healing me so much. It's been a real meditative catalyst in processing my feelings and showed me that I could create even if I wasn't ready to do a full-sized painting yet.

Many studies have since turned into larger works that are part of The Homecoming Collection. 

It's with deep gratitude I offer these studies. 


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