My Story

Hi! My name is Erika Wynn, the Artist, Mama and Yoga Instructor behind Heartilluminate.

I've been painting and creating art in various forms since I can remember. My grandfather taught me the basics of painting as a child and I haven't stopped since. Art is a way for me to interpret and express my emotions, explore and play. 


My work is ever evolving, from the medium to the tools. I'm  inspired by philosophy, birth, and the energetic nature of things. My work is a reflection of my personal spiritual practice, where I find inspiration in the quiet places of myself.  I'm currently delving into subconscious work and exploring that space I occupy when I create, dream and meditate..


Yoga informs my art and vice versa. They support each other and both practices lead me down a path of deeper discovery - both in my work and personal life.  Thank you for being here and supporting me.