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Abstract Landscapes

There pieces are a meditation on the connection between the earth and the sky, water and air, and the permeable and concrete. These works are all about unifying the different parts of oneself with nature to create an awareness that is vibrant, moving and connective. When we are present, rooted and grounded within our surroundings and ourselves, it makes relating to others easier and more fulfilling.

Retro and Colorblock Florals


Finding continuous inspiration through florals and distilling their energy by creating minimal shapes and letting the colors do the talking. These pieces have a strong retro vibe with palettes from the late 60's and 70's. 

Augusts flower.jpg

Woodland mushrooms

Not a plant, not an animal. The world of mushrooms is vast and there is so much potential for deep learning and healing through mycelium.. These paintings are a  celebration of the all of the different shapes, colors and personalities in the mushroom kingdom. 

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