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Gentle Soul 

Therapy Kitty 

Constant Companion 







Theo was my soulmate in cat form. He was extremely timid and afraid when we adopted him. I spent two weeks coaxing him out from under the bed with treats and love. He grew to trust me an I throughly became his person. In the summer of 2022 when I was at my sickest he showed me the deep capacity animals can have for empathy and compassion. I've never met a creature like him. 


He'd watch me from across the room ( or more likely nearby) and if he detected any discomfort or pain in my face or voice he would literally run across the house and launch onto my lap, sticking his precious face into mine until he felt like I was okay. He understood I needed extra love and gave it without reservation. 


We lost him at only four years old to a stroke last summer. I I miss him everyday, but I'm extremely grateful for everyday I got to be with him. 


This was painted about two months before he passed.




Acrylic on canas

Oil pastel

Colored pencil

Maple wood floating frame 


"Theo" no.2 // 12x16

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